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Being in this industry for so long, we understand how difficult it is to convert a prospect to a customer. You have done everything from deciding the data segment to choosing the specific SIC code. Yet you did not get it as right as it should have. If you are thinking that mailing lists do not work wonders, then try the InfoXite’s Pre-package list this time.

InfoXite’s Pre-Package lists are set of marketing lists which is created by our data specialty with frequent updates and unsubscribes. These special value lists are provided with more attractive pricing as we have already compiled and continue to update them for common list orders.

For example, D-level executives for automotive, or Executive Directors for automotive, or Marketing Directors for automotive, CEO, CTO, VP, Financial Directors, etc.

Instead of wasting time on deciding what should be included in your data list, allow us to suggest a Pre-Packed list. The results are usually higher with these lists and it’s a proven fact.

Key Features :

Contact details with 14 fields including:
  • Business Name
  • Contact Person
  • Physical Address
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email Address
  • City, State, Country
Some of our regular Pre-Packed lists are:
  • Decision Makers List
  • State-wise List
  • International List
  • Healthcare List
  • Technology List
  • European List

Industry Coverage

Through our services, we make you available with contact information of important prospects from varied sectors such as Automotive, Real Estate, Insurance, Finance, Banking, Healthcare, Travel, Hospitality, Information Technology, Software, Manufacturing, Retail, Biotech, Telecommunications, Logistics and others.

Job Titles

InfoXite encompasses all levels of professionals including C-Level executives, Directors, technology professionals, financial executives, architects and contractors, engineers and scientists, sales and marketing managers, healthcare professionals, supervisors and middle management, and other key business professionals across all industries.

Our pre-package lists are ready-to-use lists that give you company-specific, role-specific or a channel-specific list of contacts. These lists are highly recommended for companies prospecting clients from different industries. The companies that cannot or not clear to pin point its target-audience can utilize the pre-pack for a generic approach.

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  • Privacy Protection
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